Indonesian Institute of the Arts, Yogyakarta – Home Sweet Home – Solo Exhibition

It’s an honour to have a solo exhibition at Galeri R.J. Katamsi, Insitut Seni Indonesia, Yogyakarta.

Thank you to Rector of ISI Yogayakarta Prof. Dr. M. Agus Burham, M.Hum. for opening the exhibition.
A special appreciation to Dr. Irwandi, M.Sn., head of photography department, as my curator with a great supportĀ šŸ™

Open for public from 30 Apr – 10 May 2019

Photo credits to: Stephen, Christy, Andrean, and ISI Yogyakarta.

Grand Launching Home Sweet Home

I am very grateful to be able to exhibit my 2nd photobook: Home Sweet Home, curated & edited by Celina Lunsford and published by Afterhours Books.

Thanks to my best friend, ALFALINK staffs, MC and event organizer who took part in the success of the event.

Thanks to the invitees and photographer-friends who have been attended the event.

Hopefully this event is useful to know more about the culture and stories of life of Chinese-Indonesians.

Photo credits to: Stephen, Christy, Lisa, Diana, Budiono, Olpie.

Photography Contest Jury – Hosted by City of Surabaya

Menyambut hari ulang tahun kota Surabaya ke 724, Pemkot kota Surabaya menyelenggarakan lomba fotograpfi dengan Tema: Potret Kebahagiaan Warga Surabaya. Selamat Berlomba.

Welcoming the anniversary of Surabaya city – 724th, The city government will run a photography competition, with Theme: Portrait of Happiness of Citizens of Surabaya. Good luck for the photo competition.

Special Event – Meeting City Mayor of Surabaya Dr.(H.C.) Ir. Tri Rismaharini, M.T

Hari ini sebuah berkat bagi saya bisa bertemu dengan walikota tercinta. Beliau adalah idola saya yang saya sangat kagumi karena kerja keras dan perhatiannya atas kota tercinta ini, Surabaya.

Kesempatan berdiskusi dengan beliau, membuat saya tertegun, karena beliau sangat memperhatikan Surabaya dari segala aspek , bukan hanya pembangunan, namun juga budaya dan manusianya.

Saya benar benar sangat bangga mempunyai walikota seperti ibu Risma.
Terima kasih banyak atas perhatian dan kesempatan yang sangat istimewa yang diberikan kepada saya secara personal dan resmi. Sebuah penghargaan yang sangat tinggi untuk karya saya: Pabean Passage.



Today is a blessing day for me to meet with my beloved city mayor, Mrs. Tri Rismaharini. She is my idol who I highly admire for her hard work and attention over this beloved city, Surabaya.

The opportunity to sit and discuss about Surabaya, made me stunned, because she is very concerned for the city from all aspects, not only the development, but also the culture and her people.

I’m really proud to have a city mayor like Mrs. Risma.
Thank you very much for your attention and very special opportunity given to me personally and officially. A very high appreciation for my work: Passage Passage.



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